How do we get young people interested in manufacturing?

By chameleon | 12 February 2015

UK Manufacturing & Engineering Industry

Sadly, manufacturing and engineering in the UK is not regarded as being ‘sexy’ or ‘exciting’ by young people at school and, as a result, many do not even consider a career in the sector.  The media tends to be full of news regarding the service sectors and manufacturing only tends to get a mention if one of the leaders of the main political parties or royalty is visiting a plant.

Manufacturing is the backbone of any economy and it is vital that there is a constant flow of talent into the UK’s industry.  The magic and excitement of manufacturing and engineering needs to be ‘sold’ to people in school.  However, one challenge facing manufacturing and engineering companies is modern channels of communication.  Information is transferred, consumed and discarded at a increasingly fast speed.  Social media continually evolves and at a rapid rate of knots, but is an increasingly vital part of a company’s marketing strategy.  Engagement with existing/potential customers and existing/future employees is increasingly challenging as there is so much content to view.  We all tend to flit from one subject to another, sometimes without really taking in the information.  Only a small selection of information that is retained.

To engage our youth it is vital to show them something that they haven’t seen before.  Using just words does not work and they should only be used to support the visual content.  Understanding and embracing social media in all it’s forms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, etc) is vitally important.

With this in mind, we at Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd are releasing a number of short videos showing dynamic and colorful parts of our manufacturing process.  Our first video shows our plasma cutter, an item of equipment that has had a huge impact our productivity and quality.  It will be very interesting to get other manufacturers views on the value of this campaign.

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