Post Assembly Magnetising at Magnetisation & Measurement Event

By Paul Fears | 12 April 2021

Post assembly magnetisation of permanent magnet rotors is one of several papers being presented at the UK Magnetics Society’s ‘Magnetisation & Measurement’ online event on 28th April 2021.

The Bunting-sponsored one-day event focuses on the magnetisation of magnets in isolation and in assemblies such as motors, and the associated measurement of magnetic fields.

Post Assembly Magnetisation

Magnetising Fixture
Magnetising Fixture

There are many advantages to post-assembly magnetisation.  Bunting’s engineering team has developed technology and techniques for constructing unmagnetised complex magnet assemblies before charging.  This reduces construction times, minimises assembly mistakes (e.g. polarity) and improves safety.

In his presentation, Dr Chris Riley, Bunting’s Group Magnetics Engineer, discusses post-assembly magnetisation looking at both static and rotating systems and focusing on the benefits of Halbach design within these systems.

Dr Riley reviews the different saturation levels within a magnet array and the techniques used to generate bespoke magnet data for these regions enabling the generation of a real-world model of the system.

Magnet Production Assembly
Magnet Assembly

In addition to the design considerations for engineers to facilitate post assembly magnetising, Dr Riley assesses the downstream advantages of the process including safety, reduced assembly time, ease of manufacture (e.g. when machining, grinding and balancing), and the utilisation of any banding materials to their fullest potential without a limit on magnet killing temperature effects.

Magnetisation & Measurement Event

The event programme consists of talks with Q&A, exhibitors and networking sessions.  To register for the event on the 28th April 2021, go to the UK Magnetics Society’s website:

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