Design Consultancy

For magnetic design Bunting Magnetics Europe operate both 2D and 3D Finite Element Analysis software, with a comprehensive library of magnetic material properties.

The software is compatible with most mechanical CAD packages so customers own designs can be directly imported. We also have the facilities to measure the BH curves of permanent magnets on site, so we can use real measured data in the calculations, both at room temperature and at elevated temperatures.

When applicable, magnetisation data which has been generated from the design of the magnetising fixture can be used to model the magnet. This is a very powerful tool and is particular important for the modelling isotropic magnets such as bonded NdFeB where the direction of magnetisation is defined by the magnetising fixture and can vary considerably throughout the magnet volume.

Examples of the use of this method include:

  • Magnets designed to produce specific magnetic profiles (e.g. sinusoidal encoders)
  • Optimisation of permanent magnet rotors to minimise cogging torque
  • Feasibility of the post assembly magnetisation of assemblies

Examples of other design projects undertaken include:

  • Follower Drives
  • Passive Magnetic Bearings
  • Hysteresis Couplings
  • High Pole and multi-track encoder magnets