Health and Safety Attracts Tidi-Cable to Bunting

By Paul Fears | 30 May 2018

Bunting has supplied bespoke Ferrite Magnets to Tidi-Cable for their newly released Tidi-Patch ® Magnetic.  Tidi-Patches instantly lift dangerous trailing cables off the ground and remove potential trip hazards.  They are used on construction sites, at festivals/events, in factories, in film studios, in mining operations, on oil/gas production sites, shipping yards, and railways.

Innovative Magnetic Cable Safety Device

Tidi-Cable Ltd is the leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty cable management products in the UK.  Their products are all designed to raise 110v trailing leads off the floor, eliminating any potential trip hazard.

Bunting supplied shallow Ferrite Pot Magnets that were then connected to the back of the new Tidi-Patch ® Magnetic.  Using a Magnet to hold the Tidi-Cable in place eliminates the need for drilling.  This means that there is no silica dust, no noise pollution, and a reduced risk of hand-on-vibration syndrome.  It also leaves no mess or residue behind.

The Tidi-Patch ® Magnetic is designed to hold up to 6 x 110v arctic cables and has a maximum load capacity of 2kg.

“Using Magnets to hold and secure the Tidi-Cable is a clever idea,” explained Alan Why, Bunting’s Sales Manager.  “However, it was important for us to fully understand the application before making a recommendation.  The magnet needed to have enough magnetic force to safely secure onto a metal beam and hold up to 2kg of cable.  Our engineers selected a shallow but strong Ferrite Pot Magnet, which provides ample holding force whilst not making the Tidi-Cable cumbersome and heavy.  The Tidi-Patch ® Magnetic is a very clever product.”

Following very positive feedback after UK site trials, this innovative product is now available to purchase.

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