Magnet Technology Success in 2018

By Paul Fears | 10 January 2019

Bunting Magnetics and eMagnets Report Growth in 2018

The demand for magnets, magnetic assemblies and magnetising equipment reached new heights in 2018.  The European operation’s sales were 25% higher than in 2017.

“As an engineering and manufacturing company, we are very proud of our achievements in 2018,” said our Managing Director, Simon Ayling.  “We have invested in our people and manufacturing capabilities.  That has been the foundation of this substantial growth.”

The European operation of Bunting Magnetics includes Bunting Magnetics Europe, Master Magnets, and eMagnets UK.

The Importance of People

In October, Bunting Magnetics Europe successfully achieved the ISO45001 International Standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S).  The implementation of new apprenticeship and trainee programmes will develop the next generation of engineers and skilled people.  New employees have joined the Berkhamsted and Redditch teams boosting staffing levels by approximately 15%.

“Our employees are a fundamental part of our success,” explained Simon.

Modernising Manufacturing

The reconfigured manufacturing area at Berkhamsted, including the installation of a new manufacturing plant, will improve efficiency and quality.  The new plant includes a high capacity lathe and additional equipment to manufacture high intensity magnet assemblies.

There are plans for further investment in both manufacturing plants in 2019.

Sales Success

Sales of magnets continued to grow in 2018.  Magnets are sold online via eMagnets UK and through the Berkhamsted manufacturing facility.  The vast bulk of sales are for the highest strength Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets.  These are used in motors, sensors, wind turbines and many other commonly used equipment.

In 2018, there was an increase in the number of Magnetiser projects.  Magnetisers are designed to magnetically charge magnets or magnetic components.  The Bunting engineering team developed a new modular design, with a drive towards reduced manufacturing cost and lower maintenance.  This new magnetiser design proved very popular and resulted in global contracts for bespoke magnetisers.  The forecast for 2019 is very positive.

“Our whole business is based on the science of magnets,” explained Simon, “and our team includes experts in the industry.  Companies contact us with an application and we develop a magnet, magnetic assembly or magnetiser to suit.  This sets us apart from other companies.”

The 2019 outlook remains positive despite political uncertainty with Brexit and other global events.

“This is a very exciting time for the whole Bunting Magnetics Europe group,” said Simon.  “Our aim is to continually improve.  We are blessed with a fantastic workforce who are the foundation of our success.”

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