UK Magnetics Society’s Ewing Event 2023

By Paul Fears | 15 November 2023

Interesting Magnetics’ is the theme for the UK Magnetics Society’s 2023 Ewing Event (The Exchange, Birmingham, UK – 29th November 2023).  During the event, key speakers will discuss hot industry topics such as magnet production, recycling, and innovation.

The Exchange, Birmingham, UK
The Exchange, Birmingham, UK

The annual Ewing Event brings together the wider magnetics community and provides a platform for discussion and socialising.  Previous events have looked at magnetic technologies involved in achieving commercial fusion, and the electrification of air transport.

This year, the theme of the event encompasses the broader magnetics industry.  Increased demand with emerging technologies matched with supply chain concerns are driving innovation in the sector.  The Ewing Event provides the perfect platform for industry experts to formally and informally discuss those burning issues.

Bunting's Magnetic Rollercoaster Brake
The Ewing Event looks at innovation like the magnetic brake for rollercoasters

The presentations and key speakers include:

Generating and using high magnetic fields

Amalia Patanè, an Italian physicist, and professor and Director of Research for the Faculty of Science at the University of Nottingham.  She serves as UK Director of the European Magnetic Field Laboratory.  Her research considers the quantum behaviour of electrons in semiconductor nanostructures.

The ZEPTO project: tuneable permanent magnets

Ben Shepherd, who has been a member of ASTeC’s Magnetics and Radiation Sources (MaRS) group since 2002.  His primary research interests are magnet systems for accelerators, and high-level software for accelerator control room operations.  Ben is responsible for the magnetic measurement laboratory at Daresbury Laboratory, where many of the magnetic devices used on STFC’s accelerators are built and tested.

APC: Opportunities in the Electrified Supply Chain

Dan Bunting is an Engineer with Advanced Propulsion Centre UK with over 30 years of experience in the automotive and power generation industries.  At the APC, he is responsible for leading the Business Development Team and industry engagement.

IMPACT: Working with industries on renewable energy and electrification

Zi-Qiang Zhu, better known as Z. Q. Zhu, is a professor in the department of electronic and electrical engineering at the University of Sheffield and is head of the Electrical Machines and Drives Research Group.

Other speakers include Stuart Clark, Dr. Oliver Brooks, William Izod and Dave Kennedy.

To register for the event go to the UK Magnetics Society’s website.

Bunting is a long-standing sponsor of the UK Magnetics Society with Bunting’s Technical Products Manager, Matthew Swallow, presently presiding as the Chair.

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