Exhibition Success for Bunting-Berkhamsted

By Paul Fears | 30 September 2021

Exhibiting at two shows, in different parts of Europe, over the same two days, was challenging for the Bunting-Berkhamsted team, but proved exceptionally successful.

Whilst Matthew Swallow managed the stand at the Cenex LCV event at UTAC Millbrook in the UK, Stefano Maiaroli and Dr Chris Riley were in Pordenone in Italy at the Coiltech Italia show.

Cenex LCV Event

The Cenex LCV event (22-23 September 2021) brought together companies and people involved in the development and promotion of low carbon and fuel cell technologies.

Matthew Swallow and Alan Why on the Bunting stand at Cenex LCV 2021

As the only designer and supplier of magnets, magnet assemblies and magnetising equipment, Bunting focuses on harnessing and maximising the magnetic performance of motors and sensors.

“We [Bunting] are continually pushing the boundaries of magnetic technology to meet the requirements of the electric vehicle sector,” explained Matthew swallow, Bunting’s Technical Products Manager.  “The Cenex LCV event provided the ideal opportunity to meet like-minded companies in the sector.”

At the Cenex LCV event, Bunting received a potential £1 million enquiry for the supply of specialist neodymium rare earth magnets as well as a £350,000 enquiry for a magnetising system used to magnetise surface and internally mounted magnet rotors.

Colitech Italia 2021

Over 1,100 miles east in Pordenone in Italy, Bunting had a stand at the 12th Coiltech Italia show for the very first time.  The exhibition focuses on materials and machinery for the production and maintenance of electric motors, generators, power and distribution transformers, industrial transformers and windings in general.  Permanent and electromagnets are widely used in the sector.

Stefano Maiaroli and Dr Chris Riley at Coiltech Italia 2021

As Bunting is in the unique position as the only supplier of magnets and magnetising equipment, Chris and Stefano were able to discuss the total magnetic solution.  This includes designing the magnet or magnet assembly, the method of magnetisation, and the magnetising technology.

“Since the appointment of Stefano, we [Bunting] have already sold magnet setters and magnetising equipment to Italian companies,” explained Dr Chris Riley, Bunting’s Group Magnetics Engineer.  “Coiltech provided the ideal platform to introduce our magnetic capabilities to European companies.  The level of interest was exceptionally high and we are working on several large project enquiries.”

Face-to-Face Meetings

Stefano Maiaroli demonstrating a Magnet Setter at Coiltech Italia 2021

“The past 18 months have proven challenging for everyone,” said Matthew.  “These were our first two shows where we could meet existing and potential customers face-to-face.  It makes a huge difference.  And, from the leads we got, it is apparent that there is a growing need for specialist magnetic knowledge to drive forward technological development in electric vehicles and power generation.”

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