Bunting Magnetics Review of Southern Manufacturing 2017

By chameleon | 30 March 2017

Southern Manufacturing 2017 News and Views

The 2017 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show held at FIVE in Farnborough, UK (21st to 23rd March) proved to be a great place to showcase Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, and Magnetic Separators.

The 2017 Show was of a similar size to 2016 with a good number of visitors.  One of the highlights of the Show was the wide range of 3D printers.  They included UV curing systems, double material heads, and fibre impregnated polymers.

On the Bunting stand, we found that people were looking for inspiration and one of the most common questions was ‘How can we use Magnets to fix a problem?’

“Being at the show gave us the opportunity to talk through potential applications with customers,” explained our Technical Sales Engineer, Matthew Swallow.  “One customer involved in mouldings was looking for high temp magnets that could operate above 300 degrees.  We talked to them about Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), which is specifically designed for use in high temperature applications up to 350 degrees.  We are now working with them on the project.”

“We also met a company who were searching for an alternative to a bonded radially magnetised magnet with the objective of giving their motorbike more power.  They were not aware that the new radial sintered Neodymium Magnets are over 4.5 times more powerful.”

“We simply would not have got some enquiries if we were not at the show,” said Matthew.  “On one project, we were generally speaking with an existing customer who then mentioned the need for a much stronger sintered Neodymium Magnet.  However, they were really concerned about the subsequent assembly difficulties and safety implications.  They were unaware that we build Magnetic Assemblies and we are now in the process of arranging for the customer to send us the metal work for us to assemble.”

As a showcase for UK manufacturing, the Show proved to be a great success.

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Bunting at Southern Manufacturing 2017
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