Bunting Attract Visitors at Coiltech Deutschland

By Paul Fears | 13 April 2022

The inaugural Coiltech Deutschland in Ulm, Germany (6-7 April 2022) brought together industry professionals involved in the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and coils.  Bunting’s specialist range of magnets, soft magnetics, and magnetisers proved particularly interesting for attendees.

Dirk Mylich, Matthew Swallow and Christopher Gabriel at Coiltech Deutschland 2022
Dirk Mylich, Matthew Swallow and Christopher Gabriel at Coiltech Deutschland 2022

“Over the two days we [Bunting] had discussions with motor manufacturers, global automotive companies, and companies specialising in electronics,” said Christopher Gabriel, Bunting’s Northern European Sales Manager.

Electric machines are the world’s largest consumer of permanent magnetic materials and consequently drive huge amounts of product development globally.  The continued growth in Electric Vehicles and the need for greater motor efficiency has pushed the development of new magnet materials and manufacturing techniques.

During the two-day conference and exhibition, attendees’ enquiries covered all of Bunting’s product range, with the largest quantity focusing on Bunting’s range soft magnetics, recently acquired as part of MagDev.

Specific discussions focused on:

  • Grain boundary diffused Magnets.  This technique increases magnetic performance whilst also reducing the amount of Dysprosium, which stabilises the price;
  • Axial ring magnets;
  • Post assembly magnetisation of magnet assemblies, which enables safer assembly and also tighter magnetic field specifications;
  • Amorphous and Nanocrystalline materials used in strip or tape wound cores;

“We decided to exhibit at Coiltech Deutschland following the success at Coiltech Italia in September 2022” explained Christopher.  “The conference did not disappoint and gave us the opportunity to meet key professionals in the industry.  We are now looking forward to working with them in developing products and processes to maximise the performance of motors and coil-based technology in general.”

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