Soft Magnetic Solutions at PCIM 2022

By Paul Fears | 05 May 2022

At the 2022 PCIM Europe exhibition (10-12 May, Nuremberg, Germany), Bunting is promoting the recently acquired MagDev range of soft magnetic products on stand 137 in hall 9.

Amorphous C Core
Amorphous C Core

PCIM Europe is the world’s leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management.

Alloy Powder Cores
Alloy Powder Cores

At PCIM, a significant proportion of the technology operates using magnetic forces.  Bunting specializes in working with product designers to maximise the magnetic performance of a core.  With the ongoing demand for greater efficiency and sensitivity of operation, companies work with Bunting’s specialist team of magnetics engineers to design the optimum solution.

The recent acquisition of MagDev extends Bunting’s specialist product portfolio and engineered solutions.  The extensive range of soft magnetics products includes powder cores (iron and alloy), soft ferrites, strip wound cores (amorphous, nanocrystalline as well as silicon steel and nickel alloys), and wound components.  Fully Sintered Crushed Powder (FSCP) is also supplied through the milling and screening specialist Pilamec, also a member of the Bunting Group.

Soft Magnetics Benefits

Many power supply designers are assessing the key benefits of the various soft magnetics materials.  Super-fast switching power supplies depend on high efficiency minimal size of components, so choosing the right magnetic solution is paramount for success.

Soft Ferrite Cores
Soft Ferrite Cores

Bunting’s engineering team specializes in identifying the best magnetic solution, for optimization of cost, size and performance.

“The demand for efficiency gains in power electronics has never been greater,” explained Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European Managing Director.  “With the MagDev range of products and expertise, we [Bunting] are uniquely position with the capability to offer the right soft magnetic solution.”

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Magnet and Magnet Assembly Design

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