Bunting’s Magnet Experts Champion The Magnetics Show Europe

By Paul Fears | 24 October 2023

Bunting’s magnet experts are advisory board members of the inaugural The Magnetics Show Europe 2024 (10-11 December, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).  The show aims to bridge gaps in the magnet supply chain and highlight the role of the magnet in an energy-efficient future.  The Magnetics Show is the leading global event for the industry, fostering collaboration and highlighting material repurposing.  The 2024 show features two conferences and an exhibition.

Matthew Swallow

The founding advisory board of The Magnetics Show Europe includes Matthew Swallow, Bunting’s Technical Product Manager, and the Chair of the UK Magnetics Society, and John Ormerod, principal at the JOC LLC magnet consultancy and working with Bunting-DuBois in the United States.

“Bringing the Magnetics Show to Europe is a great opportunity to bring together what can be a disparate group of industries who all rely on the fantastic properties of Rare Earth Magnets,” explained Matthew.  “The Magnetics Show will seek to advance the scientific, technical and practical development and application of magnetics technology and, as Chair of the UK Magnetics Society, I am happy to support any event that aligns with our core values.  By being at the event the UK Magnetics Society will add members to our continually growing communities, where more people means more connections and more activity to drive the magnetics community forward.”

Matthew further elaborated on the importance of the show for Bunting  “As Technical Product Manager for Bunting this is an efficient way to meet both supply chain partners and new customers across a huge range of industries, all in one place.  Many shows are industry focused, with the Magnetics show focused on magnet technology which Bunting is at the heart of!”

John Ormerod provided a North American perspective.  “For many years Europe has been an important region for magnetics innovation and technology.  More recently the regions focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency has led to the introduction of numerous enabling applications utilizing magnetic materials.  We are also seeing an acknowledgment of the importance of critical materials and the implementation of a European integrated permanent magnet supply chain.  

It is therefore appropriate that a European Magnetics Trade Show and Conference emphasising the total magnetics supply chain and applications is being launched.”

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