Magnetising Technology at Coiltech Italia 2023

By Paul Fears | 19 September 2023

At Coiltech Italia 2023 (20-21 September, Pordenone, Italy), Bunting is showcasing advanced magnetising equipment and new magnetising techniques for enhanced magnetic component performance on stand 6-D30.  Recent developments include the development of an industrial magnetiser for the Ford Motor Company’s electric Transit project.

Bunting Industrial Magnetiser for automotive application
Industrial magnetiser for the Ford Motor Company

The Coiltech Italia conference and exhibition focuses on materials and machinery for the production and maintenance of electric motors, generators, power and distribution transformers, industrial transformers and windings in general.  An integral part of the event is the World Magnetic Conference, which brings together academia and industry researchers involved in electromechanics and electromagnetics.

Electric machines consume the world’s largest quantity of permanent magnetic materials, with electric motors using permanent magnets in addition to windings.  The combination of a permanent magnet plus a winding produces a higher efficiency motor design than induction motors or motors with field windings for certain high-efficiency applications such as electric vehicles and small electric motors such as found on drones and in car windshield wipers.

Magnet setter

Bunting’s engineers harness the latest magnetic technology to maximise the magnetic performance of magnets and magnet assemblies for surface mounted and internally mounted permanent magnet machines.  The development of bespoke post-assembly magnetising techniques matches safer and quicker manufacturing with high-tolerance magnetisation targets.

Bunting is the only company to design and manufacture magnetising equipment for magnet assemblies as well as manufacturing both magnets and magnet assemblies. This unique combination brings together magnet and magnetic design engineers with the ability to design complex bespoke magnetisers for a wide range of applications.

When designing a magnet assembly and magnetising system, the engineering team use a Bunting Magnet Setter for magnetising and setting permanent magnets.  The magnet setters utilise capacitor discharge technology to generate either a pulsed magnetising or demagnetising field inside the fixture bore.  Used in conjunction with a suitable magnet measurement system, these magnet setters can be used to calibrate a magnet to specific working point.  This provides the key data required to finalise the design of a specific magnet assembly and the method and equipment design for optimal magnetisation.

At the Bunting Test and Development Centre in Berkhamsted, UK, the engineering development teamwork closely with customers from the initial design of magnets and magnet assemblies through to the optimum method of construction and magnetisation.

Recently, Bunting was successful in winning a bid to supply Ford Motor Company with an in-house designed and built bespoke industrial magnetising system for use in a prototype build area.  The industrial magnetising system charges and tests a magnet rotor assembly, which forms part of a new Transit electric power unit presently under development.

Bunting’s range of magnetising equipment includes Industrial and Bench-top Magnetisers as well as Magnet Setters and purpose build Magnetising Fixtures.

Bunting also designs and supplies an extensive range of soft magnetic cores, which are used to make common mode chokes to filter and suppress noise in electronic circuits.  The magnetic properties of the amorphous cores and nanocrystalline cores meet designer requirements of size reduction, lower losses, and lower temperature rise, leading to higher efficiency chokes and power transformers.

Distributed gap amorphous C core

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