Ferrite Magnet Price Trends

Ferrite Price Trends

Updated 11th December 2023 The Strontium Ferrite (SrFe12O19) permanent magnet (also known as a ceramic magnet) is the most commonly used magnet material. Each Ferrite Magnet consists of approximately 90% iron oxide and 10% strontium carbonate. In June 2021, the price of Strontium Carbonate rose sharply, peaking at 22,250 CNY/MT in July 2021. By October…

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Neodymium Price Trends

Updated 25th January 2024 On January 1st 2025, after rallying between August and November, the price of Neodymium fell to the lowest level since November 2020. The outlook remains uncertain, with further decreases likely in the short term. In 12 months, the price of Neodymium has fallen by 42%, way down on the peak price…

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