Magnets at Cenex LCV 2018 Event

Electric Car

High Strength Magnets – Low Carbon Vehicle Event The most advanced high strength magnet technology will be on show on the Bunting Magnetics stand C1-14 at the Cenex-LCV 2018 event (Millbrook, Bedfordshire, UK, 12th and 13th September 2018).  Cenex-LCV is the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event.  There is an exhibition area as well as an…

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Ever Increasing Rare Earth Metals Demand

Rare Earth Metal

Technology Driving Up Rare Earth Magnet Prices The global market for rare earth metals will be worth an estimated US$ 7362 million by 2026, according to Future Market Insights.  This projection equates to a compound annual growth of 8.5%.  The growth in demand is expected to put pressure on prices. The vast majority of Rare…

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