New Pot Magnet Selection Guide

Ferrite Limpet Pot Magnets

‘Pot Magnets’ are magnets housed inside a steel shell that protects the magnet against corrosion resistance and increases robustness.  Pot Magnet applications are both wide and varied and Bunting’s new simplified product selection guide assesses different application and design criteria to select the optimum Pot Magnet. The Selection Process When considering the optimum Pot Magnet…

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Bespoke Pot Magnet Design for Oil and Gas Application

Pot Magnet

An international Oil and Gas company turned to Bunting when investigating designs for a novel magnetic system to act as a pressure relief valve. The Pot Magnet assembly design requirements were complex with a number of significant technical challenges. The initial design evaluation identified that the bespoke magnet assembly would be based on a simple…

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Health and Safety Attracts Tidi-Cable to Bunting

Tidi Patch Magnetics

Bunting has supplied bespoke Ferrite Magnets to Tidi-Cable for their newly released Tidi-Patch ® Magnetic.  Tidi-Patches instantly lift dangerous trailing cables off the ground and remove potential trip hazards.  They are used on construction sites, at festivals/events, in factories, in film studios, in mining operations, on oil/gas production sites, shipping yards, and railways. Innovative Magnetic…

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